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    "John Mullen is a true professional and a clear expert in the field of sports medicine and injury prevention in swimming. Thanks for the great work and all that you do for the world of swimming!"

    - Don Heidary, Head Coach, Orinda Aquatics

    "I like the approach since there is so much more to developing athletes and if they aren’t tuned the right way and or don’t understand how to manage their environment, then the chances of success are essentially blind luck."

    - Jonty Skinner, Alabama Swimming and Diving Coach

    "Since using Dr. John's dryland system, our kids have recovered faster from workouts. Plus we've seen a great reduction in injuries, while enhancing their performance."

    - John Bitter, Santa Clara Swim Club Head Coach

    "G. John Mullen's advice combines years of swimming experience with practical medical guidance."

    - Paul Yetter, 7- time member of USA Swimming's National Team Coaching Staff

    "John, a former swimmer, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Certified Strength and Conditioning specialist; he works with swimmers on a daily basis, and he is one of the foremost experts."

    -Chris Plumb, Head Coach Carmel Swim Club

    “I have been a fan of Dr. Mullen’s work for many years.Dr. Mullen is an expert in human movement in an aquatic environment. This book provides practical and easy to use solutions to swimming specific physical challenges that occur as the result of normal training and competition.”

    -William Dorenkott, Head Coach Ohio State Women's Swim team

    Swimming Core Training includes Effective, Efficient, and Safe Core Training for Swimmers of All Ages!

    Only $49.99!

    The Core Training for Swimmers Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: Is this a one-time fee or do I pay every month?

    One time. You buy Core Training for Swimmers, and you get lifetime access. You'll especially find yourself coming back to our video database over and over.

    Q: Do I need any kind of special equipment?

    Some simple tools from around the house and at most a ~$20 foam roll.

    Q: Is this targeted at a special age group?

    This product can help swimmers of any age, as every swimmer does some form of dryland.

    Q: I have a question you haven't answered here.

    While some websites make it hard to find an email address to contact, I put mine right out there: info@trainingcor.com. If you have a question, email me, and I'll get it answered.

    Q: Will I receive a physical product?

    No, we made this product this a completely digital product, so you can access the content immediately. Also, we are frequently adding content to the product, which we will make available.

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